JOKERFarb-SNZ Silicone Facade Paint

JOKERFarb-SNZ Silicone Facade Paint

  • Silicone Façade Paint

Thanks to its self-cleaning properties the façade remains clean and attractive for longer. Silicone finish greatly reduces adherence of dirt particles and any water or moist instantly runs off the hydrophobic texture, washing away any soiling. Our Silicone Façade Paint is suitable for masonry and rendered surfaces, it waterproofs the façade same time ensuring excellent vapour diffusion. Thanks to those quantities it prevents proliferation of microorganisms and keeps your façade protected from dust, dirt, algae and fungal growth.


We are using innovative AMME™ (Advanced Micro Matrix Embedding) technology with a new generation of dry-film ACTICIDE® biocides with a wide range of benefits. Advantages of AMME include enhanced dry film stability, improved thermal and UV stability, and reduced leaching and discoloration potential. The technology also enables products with an optimized toxicological profile and improved in-can stability.

It is highly economical and has a premium, matt appearance. It is suitable for painting, rolling and spraying.

Available in a range of colours in Arsanit Colour Chart.



JOKERFarb-SNZ is a silicone paint to paint cement and cement-lime top coats, thin-layered mineral and acrylic top coats, as well as gypsum and concrete surfaces and cement-asbestos panels. It is recommended for thin-layer silicone and silicone-silicate top coats.


JOKERFarb-SNZ is a paint manufactured through specially selected silicone organic dispersion. It gives the paint very good covering properties and makes the surface resistant to dirt. The paint coat is matt and smooth and represents in detail the texture of the surface. The structure of the coating made with the JOKERFarb-SNZ silicone paint is microporous, thus a free transport of water vapours is possible. Consequently, the material where the paint has been applied can give out moisture. Silicone polymers give the water-repellent quality to the coating, making it non-absorbable. JOKERFarb-SNZ has the self-cleaning properties, which reduces the possibility of growth of fungi and algae. JOKERFarb-SNZ is resistant to weathering, changing weather conditions, chemical agents and UV radiation.


The substrate should be dry, stable, capable of holding the paint and free from dust, dirt and grease. Remove any old, loose and cracked paint and plaster and repair minor damage and cracks. Prime highly absorbable and absorptive substrates with JOKERGrunt-SNZ. You can use the paint after a proper curing period: concrete (after 28 days); traditional spray top coat (after 14 days); thin-layer mineral top coats; silicate and silicate-silicone top coats (after 7 days); and thin-layer acrylic top coats (after 3 days).


JOKERFarb-SNZ is supplied as a ready to use product. Before application, stir thoroughly to obtain homogenous consistency, using a slow-running drill with a mixer. For the first coat, you can add max. 2% of clean water (one 200 ml glass per 10 L paint packaging). Such dilution proportions should be applied to the entire surface.


Apply a thin and uniform layer of JOKERFarb-SNZ on the prepared and primed substrate. Apply the paint using a roller, brush or spraying method, not earlier than 6 hours after you primed the substrate. Apply the paint once or twice depending on the substrate absorption and structure. If applying second layer of paint do it crosswise to the first one and allow a minimum of 6 hours for drying between coats. Continuity breaks during painting should be planned in advance, for example in corners and bends, under discharge pipes, between different colours, etc. Applying paint on a surface should be continuous (“wet on wet”) so avoid breaks during the application. Protect the painted surface from direct sunlight, wind and precipitation during work and the drying period. The drying period depends on the substrate, temperature and relative air humidity and is approx. 30min. Note: In order to avoid differences in shades of coloured paints, apply paints with the same batch number on a single surface. As a result of painting, there is a slight smoothing of the substrate texture naturally. Painting of the surfaces differing in textures and technical parameters can give the effect of various shades of one paint colour. This information is the basic guidelines for using the product and does not release the holder from the obligation to perform works according to the building practice and regulations.


For two coats on smooth surface, the average consumption is 0.30 L/m2. In practice, the consumption depends on the thickness of the paint layer applied on the surface and substrate absorption and texture. We recommend to check the efficiency by testing. For top coats coatings, the consumption is: – For mineral top coats: about 1 L of the paint for 4.0 m2 – For acrylic top coats: about 1 L of the paint for 4.5 m2


Transport and store the paint in tightly sealed buckets, in dry conditions, at the temperature from +5°C to +25°C (preferably on pallets). Protect against overheating and frost! NOTE: Protect eyes and skin. Seek medical advice on direct eye contact.


Up to 12 months of the manufacture date.


stated on the packaging.


5-litre buckets; 72 buckets per pallet 360 liters; 10-litre buckets; 44 bucket-pallet 440 liters.


Ingredients Silicone and styrene-acrylic dispersion, mineral fillers, modifiers Density About 1,5 g/ce Gloss level Matt Dilution, tool cleaning Water Average consumption Depends on the substrate roughness and absorbability, on average 0.3 Urn when applied twice Application temperature +5°C to +25°C Application Brush, furnishing roller, spraying Coat drying time at (20 ± 2)0C and relative humidity of the air (55 ± 5)% From 30 minutes to 6 hours Application of the next layer After about 3 hrs VOC A/c category the product contains below 40 g/L VOC Technical specification ETA 15/0311 dated 29/05/2015