JOKERFarb-AZ Acrylic Facade Paint

JOKERFarb-AZ Acrylic Facade Paint

It is most suitable for decorative and protective coatings of facades surfaces. It is distinguished by a very good resistance against moisture and weather conditions by creating a durable weather resistant and aesthetic decorative coating.

It is highly economical and has a premium, matt appearance. It is suitable for painting, rolling and spraying.

Available in a range of colours in Arsanit Colour Chart.



JOKERFarb-AZ is an acrylic facade paint for the application of decorative protective coatings, intended for use on all carrying construction substrates made of new materials as well as for the renovation of old facades. It creates a durable, weather resistant and aesthetic decorative coating.


JOKERFarb-AZ is a paint that is manufactured based on an acrylic dispersion with the addition of high quality fillers and chemical agents. It has excellent coating properties and perfectly complements the structure of painted surfaces by forming a smooth matt coat, without creases or cracks. JOKERFarb-AZ coating is resistant to weathering, precipitation and all types of aggressive compounds. It is also resistant to wet and dry cleaning. The paint may be used after appropriate curing time: concrete (after 28 days), traditional machine applied plasters (after 14 days), thin-coat mineral plasters (after 7 days), thin-coat acrylic plasters (after 3 days).


The substrate should be stable, carrying and free of dust, dirt and grease. Old, loose and cracked paint and plaster coatings should be removed. All small defects and cracks should be repaired. Substrates with high permeability and absorptivity should be primed with the Akryl Grunt Stronger.


The paint is supplied ready for use. Before application, stir thoroughly to obtain homogenous consistency. The paint can be diluted with water or the Akryl Grunt Stronger AG-015 primer (1st coat: max. 10%, 2nd coat: max. 5%).


JOKERFarb-AZ should be applied in a thin, even coat to a prepared and cured substrate. The paint can be applied by roller, brush or spray. The paint can be applied in one or two coats, depending on the absorptivity and structure of the substrate. In the case of the first coat on textured top coat, we recommend using diluted paint, according to the ratios described above. Maintain the same dilution ratio on the whole painted surface. The next coat may be applied after the previous one has dried completely (after min. 6 hours) in a crosswise direction. Do not dilute the paint for the finishing coat. Continuity breaks during painting should be planned in advance, for example in corners and bends, under discharge pipes, between different colours, etc. Applying paint on a surface should be continuous (“wet on wet”) so avoid breaks during the application. Protect the painted surface from direct sunlight, wind and precipitation during work and the drying period. The drying period depends on the substrate, temperature and relative air humidity and amounts to approx. 2-6 hours. NOTE: In order to avoid differences in shades of coloured paints, apply paints with the same batch number on a single surface. The structure of the surface is naturally smoothened by painting. Painting surfaces with different structures and technical characteristics may result in different shades of the same colour. This information serves as basic guidelines for product use and do not exempt from the requirement to perform all works according to the rules of construction and occupational safety and health.


For two coats on a smooth surface, the average efficiency is 0.26 I/m2. In practice, the efficiency depends on the thickness of applied layer as well as surface structure and absorptivity. We recommend to check the efficiency by testing. For top coats, the average efficiency is: -for mineral top coats — approx. 11of paint per 4.0 m2 -for acrylic top coats — approx. 11of paint per 4.5 m2


Store and transport in tightly sealed original containers, in dry conditions, at temperature from +5°C to +25°C (recommended storage on pallets). Protect against overheating and frost. NOTE: Avoid skin and eye contact with the product. Seek medical advice in case of direct contact with eyes.


Up to 12 months from date of production.


marked on the container


5-litre buckets; 72 bucket-pallet 360 litres; 10-litre buckets; 44 bucket-pallet 440 litres.


Ingredients Styrene-acrylic dispersion, mineral fillers, modifiers Density About 1,6 g/ce Gloss level Matt Dilution, tool cleaning Water Average consumption Depends on the substrate roughness and absorbability, on average 0.26 Urn whenapplied twice Application temperature +5°C to +25°C Application Brush, furnishing roller, spraying Coat drying time at (20 ± 2)0C and relative humidity of the air (55 ± 5)% From 2 to 6 hours Application of the next layer After about 6 hrs VOC A/c category the product contains below 40 g/L VOC Technical specification ETA 15/0311 dated 29/05/2015